New Trends in Email Marketing

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Email marketing still holds the top preference for being the best marketing strategy, even after the latest SEO trends and social media advertising. The email industry today has become more effective due to the easy availability of mobile devices and the internet in every home. The businesses are closer to the audiences today with more advanced tools and have innovated new marketing strategies to stay ahead of their competition. Here are the latest trends in email marketing which sets the businesses way ahead of their competition.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been getting implemented in several industries to ease manual labour for digital and machine processes. Email is being benefited by AI as it can perform quick filtering of potential customers from an array of subscribers, and result in better conversion rates. There are several tasks that AI is capable of doing today, ranging from predicting the user actions in every step to generating the right frequency  emails to prevent getting blocked. It can save the valuable time of the company as well as customers in solving simple queries immediately and in providing valuable marketing solutions.

Video Advertisements

Video advertisements can also create a lot of buzz among the audience as it can explain the product or service of a company better in a brief video. People are more interested in watching a video from a company than to read through a long passage. The companies can be more creative in producing content to attract their customers. It has become a very crucial part of marketing strategy in recent years, and an email with a video gets more user time than others.

Mobile Devices

The emails are getting more optimized for mobile devices as the use of smartphones today is way more than desktop devices. The companies today are focusing on providing a well written brief content which can be viewed over a mobile device. It is necessary for a company to create suitable emails for mobile devices. The length of the emails, and how well put it is can make a difference while interacting with the uses.


The emails today are not just displayed as a letter to the audience. It can contain  images, interactive buttons, and videos to get the attention of the users. There is a growing need for interactive emails as the users can show more interest in the email if it has special graffiti and easy redirecting options which leads the users to the main websites. Many emails also have special games like lucky spins to geet the attention of the customers into exploring more.

Filtered audience

With the help of surveys, the companies are able to connect with the potential audience for their products and services. It is very important to know the right customers do business with. Today the companies can predict the demands of the customers based on the clicks they make over the websites and recording surveys. This helps them to avoid spamming people’s mails while targeting the right audience.

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